Det Bränns I – screen print
Det Bränns I – screen print
Det Bränns I – screen print

Det Bränns I – screen print

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The nettle fibers are very long and a lot stronger than both cotton and hemp. 

A  series of four screen prints showing the nettle in different appearance.

In Swedish stinging nettle is called ”burning nettle”. Det bränns means ”it burns” or ”it stings”. It is also a Swedish expression meaning ”it is getting close”. 

What if the stinging nettle is one of our solutions? It defends itself really well and can stand a lot. It can serve as food, nutrion to other plants and some see it as a medicinal plant. In addition the fibers can be used for both paper and textile! When Great Britain had almost monopoly on cotton the development of nettle fiber came a long way in Germany. Then the synthetic fibre appeared. The nettle is still used in several places and is gaining interest again, but maybe it is time for the nettle to take a leap forward?

At there are links to several projects etc relating to the stinging nettle.

Technique: Photo based screen print
Colorit FSC Flamingo pink 225 g
Size: 50×70 cm 
Edition: 20

Handprinted in Arlöv Sweden
by Lisa and Esa Tanttu – jollygoodfellow

Numbered and signed with pencil (L. E. TANTTU).
Rolled and packaged with care.